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5 Tips in Designing Your Custom Driveway Gate

Driveway Gates offer more than a means to enter or exit your property; they also help keep your children out of potentially dangerous areas, improve your building’s security, and can potentially boost your property’s overall value and appeal. With these functions, it will be quite impossible for gates to suit every household’s need. The answer? Custom gate solutions. Boardwalk shares a handy guide to help you create your ideal gate:

Select the best Material

There is a wide variety of materials you can choose for your gate system. While Steel is a popular choice weight can be an issue and overtime steel can rust. Aluminium is one of the top materials for driveway gates due to its light weight and excellent resistance to rust. Boardwalk are the Experts in all things aluminium including Driveway gates.

Choose its Operation

Selecting your gate’s operation is crucial for your convenience and maintenance. The deciding factors for this step is the gate’s purpose and location, as not all options will be possible. A swinging gate system are popular and can either be a manual system or powered. Gates can swing inward or outward.

Sliding gates are ideal for both commercial and residential properties as they take up less space. When automated, they allow for fast convenient entry and exit for vehicles. You can also consider double sliding gates for wider openings. Boardwalk can also fully integrate allowing operation by hand held remotes and units located within your home.

Decide on a Design

Custom gate solutions come in just about any shape. Most homeowners select gates with vertical or horizontal slats within a frame. Slat sizes and spacing can be varied to suit the style of gate and your design requirements. A wide selection of colours are also available.

Add Accessories

A stunning and functional gate system can do wonders for your home’s appeal and value. Further maximise these benefits by choosing the right accessories for your gate. Common security and functionality additions include wireless intercoms, card readers, maglocks, and sensors. For a more energy-saving and eco-friendly approach, some homeowners also choose to add solar panels to their gate.

Have it Professionally Installed

Having a top-quality gate isn’t enough. In order to fully enjoy its benefits, it’s important to have your gate system professionally installed. Boardwalk has all the necessary skills, equipment, and training to ensure your gate’s successful installation. This greatly reduces the risk of hardware failure or improper installment that can lead to costly repairs. Importantly, our gate systems are manufactured to the highest specifications in our fabrication plant and not cut to size and assembled on your front lawn. This ensure years of trouble free operation and will deliver the best value for money.

For superb custom gate solutions in Perth, turn to Boardwalk. Contact us today for a consultation.

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