6 Reasons Why Indoor Plantation Shutters Are as Popular as Ever 

Plantation indoor shutters continue to experience sustained interest and attraction, transcending the various décor fads and trends that come and go in the blink of an eye. So what contributes to this enduring endearment from savvy and stylish homeowners?

So, are plantation shutters out of style?

Here are 6 reasons why plantation indoor shutters are both the present and the future.  

1. Energy efficiency 

Because high-quality shutters, such as Boardwalk’s, are hand-fitted to your windows, they are sealed to maximum effect – increasing your ability to maintain the room temperature you’re most comfortable in. This reduces the use of heaters and air conditioners, two appliances that can quickly make your energy bill an eye-watering affair.  

Indoor plantation shutters are also user-friendly and easy to adjust, allowing you to control the amount of light that enters your home. This light control means a reduction in how often you have to artificially light up your house, once again equating to a smaller energy bill at the end of the month.  

2. Durability and longevity.  

While blinds and curtains may fade over time, Boardwalk’s indoor plantation shutters are resolute in all conditions – keeping their style and colour. With the low maintenance of a dusting every couple of weeks and the occasional polish, your shutters will continue to be a fashionable staple of your residence for years to come.  

3. Privacy without compromising ventilation.  

Plantation shutters, with their adaptable control, give you an added level of privacy from the outside world. Because of their tilting design, your home can be impenetrable to the exterior gaze, while still allowing natural light and fresh air to enter the room. 

Plantation Shutters Will Never Go Out of Style

Plantation shutters offer privacy, light filtering and are always a popular choice of window treatment.

4. Timeless style.  

 Through the combination of their elegant design and adaptable installation, plantation shutters have been consistently popular for decades. One of the worries when buying or renovating your home is investing money into designs and builds that will look dated in a matter of years. You need to feel proud of where you live, and plantation shutters have provided homeowners with a simple but beautiful design touch that continues to stay on-trend. 

5. Ability to make them a style feature.

This timeless style leads to our next point: utilising shutters as a stylistic feature of a room. Boardwalk offers a great range of colours and finishes such as timber and PVC – giving you the ability to make your practical shutters also a fashionable feature.

Unlike other aspects of a property that are limited in what colouring will give longevity and continued aesthetic, plantation shutters are a subtle way of putting a spark in a room’s interior. Their ability to be fitted to most windows also gives you versatility in how you deploy them. 

6. Plantation shutters make a room more spacious. 

Unlike curtains or drapes, which protrude and take up valuable space, plantation shutters require little space, saving you from the feeling of living in a shoebox. In a country that is becoming consistently more built up, with increasingly denser metropolises, anything you can do to increase a feeling of space in your residence is a win. 

Reaping the numerous benefits of plantation shutters needn’t be overwhelming. Get in contact with our team of specialists here at Boardwalk to determine what shutters will take your home to the next level.