Home Improvement Products for Residential Property

A Timeless Way to Enhance Any Home

If you feel the exterior of your home has seen better days, and it is time for a revamp, there are several options. You could repaint the walls, replace the drive, or even a reroof would give the property a new look. There are other options, such as exterior window shutters, which not only enhance the look of the property, they also give you fine control over shading and privacy. Modern shutters are custom made to fit the property, and with an extensive range of styles and colours, there is something to suit every ambience.

Beachside Shutters

At Boardwalk, we pride ourselves on using the very best materials, and our Beachside Range of external aluminium shutters have all the right properties, especially for the coastal areas, as they are cyclone rated. With a range of colours available from the Dulux Powder Coat Range, the aluminium shutters will blend in perfectly, and with our teams of experienced technicians, the finished job will be top notch.

Additional Features

Lockable blades give an added level of security, and with a choice of horizontal or vertical designs, you can match with the property. The modern tracking and mechanism allows for ease of movement, giving you a fine level of control for both lighting and seclusion. Exterior shutters can add significant value to a property, and if you want to change the ambience a little, shutters are an ideal way to achieve that.

The Right Installation at the Right Price

An Australian company that provides quality screening to the residential and commercial market, Boardwalk have been in the screening business for many years, and because we import and manufacture, there is no middleman, and our prices reflect this.

Interior Shutters

A great alternative to blinds or curtains, indoor shutters are an ideal way to provide screening in the modern home. Our Sentosa Range is ideal for wet areas, and with faux wood designs, you can use them in the bathroom and kitchen, to match any concept. If you are into a more traditional look, try our stylish cedar shutters, which are hand crafted by our technicians to fit perfectly, and with the timeless look of real timber, your home will retain its character.

A Tailored Service

Our design team would determine how you would use the shutters on a daily basis, and this would enable them to come up with the best design. Whether vertical or horizontal, the shutters can open a number of ways, depending on your existing windows. All units are custom built, and with many years of hands-on experience, our installation teams can pretty much deal with anything.

Cost-Effective & Attractive

Modern shutters offer the homeowner so much more, with modern materials that do not corrode, and stylish designs that enhance the property, and if you are considering a makeover, either inside or out, contact us for a free no obligation quote. We are the market leaders in residential and commercial screening, and are always happy to advise on all aspects of screening.

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