Interior Window Shutters in Perth

Are Shutters the Right Choice for My Windows?

More and more homeowners are choosing shutters in Perth, but are they the right choice for your windows or should you go with curtains or drapes instead? Well, while custom drapes can be attractive, they’re also problematic because they probably won’t fit the windows in your new home when you sell, and the new owners will likely want to take them down and put in window treatments that fit better with their own personal style. This is just one reason that so many people are considering aluminium or timber shutters for their homes.

Shutters Can Improve Your Home’s Value

First, indoor or outdoor shutters can actually improve the value of your home when you sell. When you choose the right shutters, you’ll get window treatments that match the architecture of your house and give it a little extra style and warmth. Your buyers won’t have to pay for window treatments, and the shutters will improve your curb appeal, so they’re an all-around good investment if you plan on selling in the next few years.

Louvered Shutters Can Let in Lots of Natural Light

If you’re shopping for interior shutters, but you don’t want to lose the natural light you get during the daytime, you can go with wider, louvered shutters. This way, you can open up the shutters all the way or control how much light you get by lifting or lowering the louvers. You can let in a little bit of light while maintaining your shade or you can let the sun shine in on your home.

Dividing Rails Allow More Versatility

If you’re adding interior shutters to large windows in your home or you want to preserve privacy while letting in some afternoon light, you might want to consider timber shutters with a dividing rail. This way, you can open or louver the top shutters while keeping the bottom shutters closed (or vice versa).

This is a particularly popular choice when installing bathroom shutters in Perth. You can enjoy natural light while you take an afternoon bath without worrying that you’re exposing yourself to the neighbours.

So, should you add shutters to your home? In Perth, shutters are a great idea to help regulate the temperature in your home without making it feel like a dark cave. They can improve your home’s value, and they’re very attractive and versatile. We definitely recommend them!

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