Frameless slat fencing and boxed screens

Beautiful Home Enhancement in a Modern World

It’s a fact that most people appreciate some privacy, so it is of importance to most homeowners to indeed have that and get some arranged. One of the best and simplest ways to gain a bit of outside seclusion from nosey neighbours, or passers-by, is with the simple installation of a privacy fence or screens with a solid gate.

And Other Reasons

Other Perth homeowners may wish for a fence as an aid to contain and keep dogs safe, whilst others want one to prevent a chilly draught, or even block out an eyesore of a street view. Then there are some that just simply want to screen their garden, or just simply want to upgrade the looks and curb appeal of their home. Whatever the reason, let’s take a closer look.

I Spy

If you want real privacy, there is a selection of different designs of fences and screens with little to no space between the boards, depending upon your tastes. Some folk like to have a slight view of the outside, whereas others prefer total privacy. At Boardwalk we have something for everybody regarding style and just how much you want to see and be seen.


Pets, especially in the case of our lovely canine friends, will in most cases need some kind of fencing to contain them (not unless you want them to wander off!). Are they diggers or jumpers? Make sure the fence is the right size so that Fido can’t just simply jump over it, and go walkabout! Diggers are another creature, so make sure that the fencing goes in deep to put a stop to that idea!

Wind Breaker

If you want to deal with a daily gust or a breeze, a decent and good looking fence can easily deal with that, no worries. The experts at Boardwalk can give you great advice on just what you need, and will also provide further information on the height size, should you require to prevent a wind from a seating or standing area, such as a patio or near a grill.

Street View Eyesore

Should you happen to live on or near an active street location, creating that area of tranquillity starts with an appropriate kind of fence. Just like the privacy fencing, it’s in one’s best interests to make sure you have the perfect sized fence height before choosing what you want.


Gates, everybody with a garden (and their dog!) needs a gate. So, after first selecting your style of fencing, choose a gate which suits it just right, and this will add an even higher degree of beauty to the overall look and curb appeal of your property. In Perth at Boardwalk Shutters, Screens, Gates & Slat Fencing, our sole mission and purpose is to provide you with quality service and products, that will make your home stand out amongst the rest! We’re more than happy to afford expert advice whenever you need it. Contact us today for more information, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Standing Out Indeed

Getting it right is not just a dream, it’s putting it into practice that counts! May you and your home prosper! Stay well!

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