Plantation Shutters Vs Curtains and Blinds

Blinds vs Curtains vs Plantation Shutters — Which is Best for Your Home?

Your home is almost certainly your most valuable asset, meaning you ought to do everything within your power to ensure it’s something you feel truly proud of. You deserve to be able to return from work to a home you cherish, and that means taking interior design seriously. However, even though we mainly think of paint, flooring and furniture when it comes to interior décor, you shouldn’t forget about the likes of plantation shutters, curtains and blinds for windows, but deciding which of those window coverings to choose can be a nightmare. However, for the reasons detailed below, you won’t regret choosing plantation shutters.

At Boardwalk, we boast one of the most comprehensive ranges of plantation shutters in Perth, and our made-to-measure products fit any window perfectly. We have a product to suit any home regardless of its current style, and we’re happy to offer advice to help you choose the best product for your property. Keep reading below to find out why so many people agree that plantation shutters are often a better choice than both curtains and blinds.

What Makes Planation Shutters So Beneficial?

Besides the fact that plantation shutters are incredibly attractive, they’re often more beneficial than curtains and blinds for the following reasons.

  • Plantation shutters are built to last We’ve all had experiences with dodgy blinds when the opening and closing mechanism fails to work, and we all know that removing stains from curtains can be a pain. Shutters, on the other hand, are built from durable materials that guarantee to last for years, and cleaning them is as simple as giving them a quick dust over.
  • Shutters provide the best form of insulation — If curtains aren’t dark enough — which they might not be depending on your home’s colour scheme — they won’t do an effective job at keeping out the heat from the sun, and blinds don’t always fit windows perfectly. However, made-to-measure plantation shutters completely cover your windows, making them the most effective form of insulation.
  • An extra layer of security — Curtains will hardly do much to deter criminals who are willing to smash your windows to enter your home, and blinds can be detached easily. Plantation shutters are often built with strong aluminium and will do better than curtains and blinds at deterring criminals from breaking into your home.
  • Timelessly stylish — Curtains may be colourful, but they can quickly go out of fashion and need replacing if you like to keep up with the latest trends in style. Blinds can look very attractive, but they can sometimes look cheap. Plantation shutters look luxurious and a little different to the norm, and because they’ll last for years, they’re extremely cost-effective.

Look No Further for a Company You Can Trust

At Boardwalk, we make it our number one priority to cater to every homeowner’s individual requirements, which is why we’re happy to customise our products to suit your particular preferences. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your’s aesthetic appeal with our plantation shutters.

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