Boardwalk’s Industry Leading Warranties

Boardwalk’s Industry Leading Warranties

At Boardwalk, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality gates, aluminium slat fencing, and shutters in Perth. To ensure that you’re happy with your purchase, we use only the very best materials for all of our products, and we use meticulous manufacturing techniques to ensure that every product we sell passes our exacting standards and will serve our customers for years to come.

Five-Year Finish Guarantee

We aren’t big fans of refinishing, repainting, or recoating shutters, fences, and gates. In fact, we hate it when we hear that a homeowner has had to replace faded curtains and refinish other exterior surfaces every year to keep them looking good. That’s why all of our painted, printed, stained, and powder-coated finishes come with a five-year guarantee – because we believe in providing quality products that last and look amazing for years.

This five-year guarantee also includes coverage against warping, bowing, or twisting of any louvered products, as well as any defects with the hardware that we include with our products. And, of course, we’ll cover any excessive fading for any of our printed, powder-coated, or painted surfaces in the first five years.

15-Year Workmanship Guarantee

As impressive as our five-year finish guarantee is, we’re really proud of our 15-year workmanship guarantee for all of our louvered Villa, Newhaven, and Parkside shutters. It also covers our aluminium screens and our gates, too. This warrantee covers any fault in a product that’s related to its construction. In other words, if our skilled and expert workers made a mistake in the installation process that led to any kind of fault or defect in the product, we’ll cover it for up to 15 years.

Ongoing Customer Support

Along with our impressive, industry-leading warranties, we’re also proud to offer ongoing customer support after the sale. We keep a range of replacement parts and shutter stock on hand, and we’re fully equipped to take care of any repairs or maintenance you need for any product we sell. Plus, we have a warehouse and distribution centre in Balcatta, so we can always get any parts or stock quickly, even if we don’t have it in stock at our local facility.

Want to know more about Boardwalk and what we can do for you? Whether you need affordable gates, aluminium shutters, timber shutters, or slat fencing in Perth, call us to get the best products and the friendliest, most reliable service.

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