How Slat Fencing & Screens in Perth Keep Bugs Away

How Can Aluminium Screens and Slat Fencing Help to Bug-Proof your Home

Summers in Perth are very hot and unfortunately, this is when insects and other pests are most active! All kinds of little creatures will invade your home if you let them, and this can create a host of problems for everyone in the family. As an aluminium gate, screen, fencing and shutter provider in Perth, we understand the importance of keeping unwanted guests OUT of your home! Here are some helpful home bug-proofing tips for this summer!

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Bug-Free This Summer

White ants (termites) are a major problem in Western Australia. They can attack and weaken anything made from wood, so remove any sources of wood that may be around your home. For example, if you have firewood stacked nearby, move it as far from your home as possible. This will keep insects away from your home exterior. If your home fencing is made from wood, consider replacing the wood with low-maintenance aluminium slat fencing! Unlike wood, which is an organic material, aluminium won’t attract any insects and will weather extremely well in the summer heat. For more information about aluminium slat fencing in Perth, please contact us now.

Make sure that all of your window screens are in good condition and check to see if there are any holes in them. If your screens are in poor condition, consider installing new ones to ensure that no bugs can get into your home through your windows! To protect your window screens in the future, consider installing aluminium window shutters. Aluminium is an incredibly durable material, it won’t rot and it doesn’t attract insects. For more information about aluminium screens and window shutters in Perth, please contact us.

Many kinds of insects are also attracted to water sources, especially during the dry Perth summers. Now is the perfect time to repair leaky faucets or drain pipes. If your air-conditioning unit is draining water next to your home, consider installing a simple drain to carry the water away from the structure.

These simple tips can help you and your family enjoy a happier and bug free summer!

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