How to Improve Your Exterior Window Treatments

How Can Beautiful Window Dressings Improve the Curb Appeal of my Home in Perth?

Curb appeal refers to how a house looks to someone casually glancing over it while driving, or walking, by – hence the term “curb” appeal. Many people are very concerned with their home’s curb appeal because it can affect resale value, as well as contributing to a generally pleasant-looking neighborhood. Window dressings are an often-overlooked way of increasing your home’s curb appeal!

Window Dressings

Windows are ubiquitous and it’s hard to think of them as a feature of your home when they’re so functional. By adding a beautiful window dressing to your windows, you can turn a functional piece of architecture into an external feature of your home! The use of timber or aluminum window shutters in Perth can greatly improve the aesthetic of the exterior of your home. They will not only add a sense of classic elegance to your home, they will also provide other benefits such as maximising energy efficiency, enhancing privacy in your home and reducing noise pollution from cars and other vehicles.

Depth, Color and Texture

Window shutters will also give your windows a sense of three-dimensional depth, which can add a sense of luxury to your home. Your window shutters can also provide you with the opportunity to inject a little bit of colour to the exterior of your home. Our Parkside Outdoor Shutters Range  comes in a range of four powder coat colours, while our Beachside Outdoor Shutters Range  can be powder coated in an extensive range of colours from the Dulux or Interpon Powder Coat Range, including all popular Colorbond colours! With all of these colour options, you can begin to consider coordinating the colour of your doors, letterbox and window shutters for a balanced and elegant home exterior!

Cardinal Rule of Shutters

High quality window shutters will highlight the attention to detail in your home’s architecture. It is extremely important for window shutters to be structurally sound and properly installed, to ensure that they will last a long time and can resist the effects of unpredictable weather! For information about having window shutters installed in your Perth home, please contact us!

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