Choosing The Right Shade for Your Internal Window Shutters

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Internal Window Shutters

As a window shutter provider in Perth, we understand the importance of choosing the right design and colour for your internal window shutters. If you’re thinking about replacing your shutters, or installing window shutters for the first time, you’ll have to think carefully about which colour you want. Whether you like your window dressing to fit seamlessly into the decor of your home, or whether you love the look of vibrant and colourful statement windows, here are some benefits of each to help you decide!

Neutral Shutters

Shutters in neutral tones, whether they are white, grayscale, beige or cream, are the most popular choice for Perth homeowners. They are available in a wide array of styles ranging from classic to modern. Neutral tones throughout the home, which carry through to the window shutters, will create a modern and inviting feel in any space. Neutral hues also  allow homeowners to inject bursts of colour and personality through vibrant feature walls, furniture and accessories. Additionally, if you are looking to revamp a space in your home by re-painting the walls, shutters in neutral tones will complement almost any decor.

Coloured Shutters

A trend that is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners in Perth, is boldly-coloured window shutters. Homeowners can opt for pastels and other subtle hues, or go for bolder and more vibrant statement colours. The use of dynamic tones in window shutters can create a sense of drama and excitement in a space, or can be used to draw the eye toward a specific part of the room.

At Boardwalk, our interior timber window shutters are available in a wide array of colours in many palates, ranging from 13 standard colours, to being able to customise your colour through the Dulux Specifier Paint Range. If you love the look of traditional wooden shutters, our Cedar range is beautiful, creating a classic, traditional and warm feel in any space in your home. For more information about our stunning range of internal timber window shutters, please contact us now!



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