Choosing the Perfect Shutters in Perth

Choosing the Perfect Shutters for Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect shutters in Perth? If you’re trying to decide between aluminium shutters, timber shutters, or something else entirely, you should be aware of your options and how well they work with different home designs. It never hurts to get an expert opinion, either, as some materials work better with wider spans while others can be custom painted to perfectly match your décor.

Newhaven Fauxwood Shutters

These shutters look like wood, but they’re actually extruded from a non-toxic, synthetic material, and they can be used safely in wet or dry areas throughout your home. Plus, they have aluminium louvre inserts in them to increase their strength while reducing their weight. These are some of the most cost effective indoor shutters in Perth, and they’re very attractive and durable, too.

Inexpensive Internal Timber Shutters

Of course, if you’re set on finding authentic timber shutters in Perth, you’re in luck, as well. You can get affordable internal shutters in thirteen different colours, or you can get them colour matched to your home’s décor. They’re made with Basswood, so you know they’re high quality shutters that won’t cost you a fortune.

Cedar Shutters

While other types of timber shutters have grown more popular lately, cedar is still the original wooden shutter material, and it’s still one of the highest quality materials you can use. Plus, you can get it in a range of warm colours with a high quality lacquer finish, and you can get these shutters in Perth on their own or with a range of frames and configurations.

Shutters in All Shapes and Sizes

Not only do you have different options for materials for your shutters in Perth, but you can also get shutters that custom made for different window shapes and sizes. Even if you have a window with a completely unique shape, you can get quality shutters that fit them perfectly in aluminium or timber, depending on your style preference, budget, and needs.

Choosing the perfect shutters for your home is always easier with a professional who can walk you through the process and help you understand the pros and cons of different materials and designs. Call Boardwalk today to learn more about which of our Perth shutters are best for your home. You could enjoy more attractive and more efficient shade throughout your home with one simple purchase of new shutters in Perth.

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