Choosing the Right Colour and Finish for My Slat Fencing

Choosing the Right Colour and Finish for My Slat Fencing

Are you considering installing aluminium slat fencing in Perth? Frameless slat fencing, boxed screens, and aero screens are all attractive solutions to improve your privacy and the security of your home. Of course, if you’re going to go with one of these types of fencing, you’ll need to choose the right colour and finish to match or complement your home. You’ll also want to choose a finish that won’t need to be repainted or refinished every year, as well, so that you can enjoy your fence without constantly thinking about when you’ll have to spend a lot of time and/or money to get it looking like new again.

Choosing the Perfect Colour

The colour of your aluminium slat fencing in Perth will depend on your personal style and the colour of your home. You probably won’t want to choose a colour that exactly matches your home’s exterior paint, but you’ll want to go with one that’s in the same palette. If your home and décor have a desert theme, you may want to go with a darker red or reddish brown colour that will add a warm boundary around your home.

If you’re adding slat fencing to a wall, you may want to go with a matching colour that doesn’t interrupt the look of the wall. Or, if you’re inserting frameless screens between columns or posts, you might choose a natural wood look that complements the posts and your home’s colour.

Choosing the Perfect Finish

Basically, if you want your installing aluminium slat fencing, Perth’s weather is something to consider. The sun beats down on all of the surfaces of your house, and it can fade the paint on a fence quickly. However, if you choose a powder coat finish for your fencing, you won’t have to worry about that. Likewise, if you want a fence that looks like natural wood, you can get a timber grain finish that’s just as sun-proof as a powder coat finish but has a more textured look and feel that’s virtually indistinguishable from real wood.

The perfect colour of your aluminium slat fencing depends almost entirely on your preferences and the colour of your home. Getting the right finish depends on whether you want a wood grain look or not. Either way, the powder coating or timber grain finish will continue to look new and beautiful for years to come. Choose the one you like best and enjoy your new fencing without ever worrying about when you’ll have to repaint it.

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