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Choosing the Right Colour For My External Shutters

So, you’ve agonised over the decision as to what type of new external shutters to get. You’ve pored over the designs, checked your property, visited Boardwalk in our showroom, and you’ve finally decided on one of our extensive exterior shutter ranges for your home or place of business. Finally, you’re down to your last decision, one that strikes terror into your heart: what colour should you choose?

Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Shutters for Your Home

It’s enough to send anyone into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. With external shutters usually made from aluminium and featuring powder-coated paint schemes, it’s not as if you can just run outside with a can of paint and touch them up if you decide on the wrong colour. That’s why it’s so important to choose one that’s perfect for your needs.

If you’ve chosen our Parkside range of external shutters, you’re actually going to reap the benefits of the limited colour scheme associated with them. Coming in only Pearl White, White Birch, Precious Silver, and Non-Scratch Black, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to choose a colour that matches your décor in at least some way, especially if you choose one of the two lighter colours. However, if you chose our Beachside Range of external shutters, they come in a dazzling array of Interpon powder coated colours. From Pearl White to Black to almost any colour you can think of in between, the number of choices is simply dazzling.

However, don’t lose hope – the same Boardwalk team members who walked you through your initial choices of what types of shutters you wanted and in what shape and style can also help you decide on what color you want them to be. Whether you want them to match your décor in order to blend in or complement it for a striking study in colour theory, our experts have the skills and knowledge to let you know what the best colour choices for you might be.

Of course, in the end the choice is yours. You’re the one who will have to live with the colour choice, so you might want to think long and hard about it before pulling the trigger on that aerosol paint canister. If all else fails, go with a neutral color like off-white; your shutters might look bland, but they won’t be garish or jarring.

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