Composite Fencing Solutions in Perth

Composite Fencing Solutions for the Homeowner

Fencing is essential in every residence, and modern solutions eliminate the time consuming maintenance that is traditionally associated with timber fencing. For many years, synthetic materials were shunned in the fencing trade, mainly because they could not merge with traditional settings, but modern composites have changed all that.

Aluminium Slats

Our slat fencing and gates are made from commercial grade aluminium and assembled in Boardwalk’s own factory, so you can be sure of a perfect fit, and with a selection of faux wood grain finishes, your new fencing will not detract from your rustic concept.

Tailor Made Units

At Boardwalk, we pride ourselves in attention to detail, with every installation regarded as a challenge to achieve perfection. We are happy to discuss your screening options in the comfort of your own home, and with our knowledge of modern materials, we are confident of designing the ideal screening, whatever the style of your property.

Appliance Screening

Unsightly air-conditioning compressors and pool filters can be boxed in with slat screening, which would match the fencing, and with a choice of slat widths, you can turn an eyesore into a thing of beauty. Any item, or indeed small area, can be screened with a natural looking aluminium, and with a solid frame, you can create any shape. Water tanks can really make the house look out of balance, but with timber grained aluminium slats, you are complementing the home, while also concealing an eyesore.

Frameless Slat Fencing

The sleek lines make this our number one system for screening, and with all units manufactured in our factory, it makes for an easy installation. You can choose from the privacy or semi-privacy widths, or we can build to specification if preferred. We can even install posts if you have no structure to fix to, in fact, we can design screening around any structure, regardless of size. Our sales staff are very aware of the possibilities, and we might surprise you by suggesting something unique, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of screening.

Zero Maintenance

We only use commercial grade aluminium, and with a choice of powdered colours or timber grain finishes, your new screening will be maintenance free. The harsh Western Australian climate is not a problem for aluminium, which is why it is so commonly seen on many structures.

Extensive Colour Range

We realise that every home is unique, and what might look right with one home, would look out of place in another setting. With more than 100 shades available, you can select the perfect colour, one that matches or contrasts perfectly with the exterior, and by doing this, you can transform the look of the property. The shades include silvers, greys and magnolia variations, with dark reds and even black, which can look stunning with a white building. The timber grain finishes complement a rustic look, and with the right design, your screening will add character to the home, while giving you privacy and seclusion.

Modern screening offers tasteful designs and finishes, and with tailor made units, your screening problems are a thing of the past.

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