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If you want the best experience when it comes to fitting your property with a motorised gate and all that goes along with it, look no further: Boardwalk has you covered. We know how crucial it is to not only keep your home and your family safe and secure but to do it in a way that’s still attractive and aesthetically pleasing; if we can’t fit your home with a motorised gate and all the accessories you need to meet both requirements, we haven’t done our job.

You name it, we’ve done it: whether it’s car park and driveway access or boat and trailer gates we’ve done both motorised and manual systems. We’ve completed installations using either hinged or sliding gates, and are made bespoke for your needs with custom-welded frames, and we can upgrade hardware, frames and posts to accommodate any situations needing extra wide access or that will be used regularly.

We offer a wide range of accessories with our motorised gates, with two remote controls supplied to our customers as standard with the option for more if needed. Additions include flashing lights in order to increase safety, especially when in commercial motorised gates; the inclusion of a flashing light includes an upgraded remote control range with a built-in aerial.

There are even more accessories we offer to make your motorised gate even more sophisticated, such as the inclusion of an electric lock that actively holds the gate closed – a must for many hinged motorised gates to keep warranties intact, and can be mounted on the ground or the side of the gate. For those who want the added security of not having to worry about power sources, we offer a solar panel that can charge a pair of batteries that will ensure your gate will remain in operation even if the power goes out.

Finally, the sophistication of programmable keypads makes it easier to allow pre-cleared commercial staff or family members from having to wait; completely battery operated, there’s no need for any cables to be laid to power the keypad. And if you do have family coming and going, it’s important to keep your motorised gate safe: the inclusion of a photocell safety beam means that if someone steps into the path of your moving gate as it is operating, there’s no possibility of accident or injury occurring.

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