Facts at a Glance – Interior Shutters

Not all shutter products are the same. Neither are the companies that sell them. At Boardwalk, we’re committed to sourcing unique and exclusive products. Beyond this, we go that extra mile and test all of our products beyond normal industry standards to make sure we continue to offer the best quality shutters and provide you with additional peace of mind.

Interior Shutters

Insulation Properties: In our harsh climate, shutters with higher insulating properties can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Water Tolerance: Leaving windows open can be an issue for Internal Shutters. The higher the product rating the more tolerant it is to moisture.

Sag Resistance: Lighter weight timbers offer the best panel strength in their joinery. PVC materials (even with reinforcing) are much heavier and more flexible than Timber and are therefore more prone to sagging especially with wider panels. MDF (not sold by Boardwalk) is also heavy and more prone to sagging.

We value the environment and therefore ensure that all our timbers are sourced from sustainable plantations. This is certified by the worlds leading authority (FSC).

Paint Tested: The paints used on our products have been tested to comply with various industry standards to ensure they contain no hazardous chemicals. This gives you additional peace of mind when used in your home.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing: Our PVC is tested to ensure VOC compliance.

Fire Retardancy: Our PVC Shutters are tested to ensure they are fire retardant.

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