Finding the Right External Shutters for Your Home

Finding the Right External Shutters for Your Home

When you look at your home from the outside, is something missing? Outdoor shutters can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your home with their gorgeous looks and efficient heat reflection. Of course, if you’re going to install outdoor shutters in Perth, you need to find the ones that will work best for your home and its design.

Choose Your Shutter Style

First of all, you’ve probably already figured out that you have a few different options with aluminium or timber shutters in Perth. Are you aware of the different options you have for styles and adjustability, though? You can opt for fixed, sliding, hinged, or bi-fold shutters, depending on where you want to put them, how much adjustability you want, and the look of your home.

Choose Your Shutter Material

All our quality outdoor shutters are weatherproof, and we can customise almost any of them, as well. With designer aluminium shutters, you can choose from a range of powder coat colours, and these shutters will work well as screens for your patio or sunroom. While you can get timber shutters for exterior use, most people opt for aluminium shutters, as they’re more durable and weatherproof than most timber.

Find Out if You Need More Support

A lot of exterior shutters need extra framing and support to hold them up and allow them to function properly. You can find out what your home needs to support and hold your shutters in place by calling a Perth shutter expert to look at your home, talk with you about your goals for your shutters, and help you come up with a completely customised solution.

Many outdoor shutters can be customized to incorporate panes of glass to further help you make the most out of your outdoor and patio areas. We always recommend getting a professional to install your outdoor shutters in Perth, as well, to ensure that the job is done right the first time and that you get the highest quality materials and labour for your money.

When you shop for outdoor shutters from Boardwalk, you can opt for imported shutters from our Parkside Range, or you can get shutters made right here in Australia from our Beachside Range. All of these shutters are customisable and can include locking doors and overlapping slats. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get help choosing the right external shutters for your home.

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