Frameless Slat Fencing and Boxed Screens

Frameless Slat Fencing and Boxed Screens: Which Is Right for Me?

More and more, people in Perth are looking for more attractive and lower-maintenance ways to improve their privacy and security for their homes. In addition to manual and automated gates in Perth, at Boardwalk we also offer frameless slat fencing and boxed screen fencing to give you an aesthetically pleasing boundary for your property that gives you a bit more privacy and peace of mind. But which one should you choose?

When you first look at them, frameless slat fencing and boxed screen fencing look very similar. However, depending on your needs for your yard, one may be a better option than the other. Let’s take a look at each of them and how they differ so that you can make a more informed decision.

Frameless Slat Fencing

One of our most popular products, the slats for these screens are all made of commercial grade aluminium, and they’re assembled in our factory instead of on site at your home. This means you’ll enjoy a faster installation process. These fencing screens are typically mounted between the pillars of existing fences, or we can install posts that match your slats if you don’t already have a fence or wall in place.

Boxed Screens

Boxed screens look much like frameless slat fencing in that they have horizontal slats made of aluminium and powder-coated in a range of colours. The big difference is that they come in fully welded frames that have a unique and enhanced aesthetic. If you’re considering putting in a welded gate in Perth, boxed screens will give your fence and gate a more seamless and attractive look and feel.

All of our boxed screens and gates feature quality TIG welding, which is durable and elegant, as it doesn’t show the large and uneven welding lines that some other forms of welding use. It also allows us to work with aluminium for a lightweight, durable fence and gate that won’t rust over time.

Basically, the choice is yours, depending on the fencing you have already and whether or not you want to add a gate to your property. Both frameless slat fencing and boxed screen fencing can create an attractive enhancement to your home’s privacy and security.

Want help deciding between the two? Call us at Boardwalk today to discuss your options and to find out which material is best for your home and your goals for your fence and gate in Perth.

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