Elegant Plantation Shutters

Give your home a “designer” look

Make Your Home Stand Out with Elegant Plantation Shutters

Shutters come in many different designs; they are versatile and stay with your home when it is sold. Thus, shutters increase the value of your home.

Plantation shutters were originally introduced by the Spanish. They were used in large plantation houses and had larger louvers. Nowadays, shutters come in different sizes with a range of fitting options. The size of the louvers can be selected according to window size and effect you’re looking for but the most popular and widely used louver width is 63mm or 89mm. Before deciding on the shutter type and size, the length and width of the windows should be considered.

Most people would love their homes to resemble what they see in magazines. Shutters from Boardwalk can make this dream come true as we provide the highest quality shutters available in the market. Our professional team can also customise your shutters to suit any shape. We are available by appointment so we can come to your home to discuss your needs.

Shutters are a wonderful way to let light in while maintaining privacy. They block outside noise but let enough sunlight in to brighten the home. Boardwalk makes giving your home a designer look affordable with ranges of shutters to suit any budget. Our shutters offer practicality and durability but can also be chosen in different colours and designs to match the theme of your home.

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