How Shutters Can Save on Your Electricity Bill

How Shutters Can Save on Your Electricity Bill

You already know that interior shutters add an instant touch of elegance to any room while also adding to the value of the home in general. However, plantation style shutters do so much more than that. Keep reading to find how they can also help you cut costs on your energy bill as well.

Increase Coolness During Summer

Interior shutters allow you to reflect the sun back outside, rather than allowing it into your home. This means that you will be able to lower the temperature in any room, while making sure the sun’s rays and heat remain outside. While curtains and blinds may block out the light from the sun, simply standing beside your window will allow you to feel the amount of heat that continues to come in through those coverings. By installing interior shutters, you add an extra layer of insulation that makes sure the cool air stays inside, while the unwanted heat remains outside. This combined effect results in less energy usage in keeping your home’s interior temperature cool.

Improved Warmth in Winter

The overall cosiness factor of closing your interior shutters during the winter aside, doing so also makes the room warmer. In most homes, a majority of the heat is lost due to windows that don’t offer enough insulation. By installing shutters, you add an additional layer of protection that keeps the cold outdoors and the warmth inside. While curtains may provide a bit of insulation, plastic or metal blinds really offer no insulation at all. This means that your heat must run more often to counteract the cold air that is seeping in through the windows. With interior shutters, simply closing them instantly increases the overall insulation, helping to increase the amount of heat that stays in the room.

Interior shutters help your home to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by adding much needed insulation and protection against the outside elements. As a result, your heating and cooling equipment won’t need to run as long or as often to keep the temperature comfortable. When you can make sure both of these systems run less, you will immediately start noticing that the overall costs of heating and cooling your home lessen. In some cases, for homes with exceptionally poor insulation at the windows, these costs can be significant, helping you to recover the costs of the shutters very quickly.

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