Soundproofing Windows in Perth

How to Reduce Noise Coming Through Your Window

It’s easy to only consider the noise that might be escaping your home through the windows – particularly when the kids are running wild, shrieking and hollering. But when the neighbours have their music going full-blast, then you begin to think about how annoying it is when sound comes into your house. Or, maybe you live near a highway or airport and the constant droning grates on your nerves. Glass is a very poor insulator – for both weather and noise – but there are ways to cut down on the sounds that can get in through your home’s windows.

Caulking and Weatherstripping

As your home ages, the caulk dries up and even begins to peel off. In a similar vein, the weatherstripping breaks down and fails to keep our noise and air. Replacing these is the first basic step in making sure your windows keep out undesirable elements. It won’t make a drastic change, but it will help. Be sure to remove the old caulk and stripping before installing the new.

Add Panes

You have two options here – completely redo the windows with a multi-pane system, or add pre-made panes to your existing window. Layers create an insulating effect that will reduce noise and also lower your hydro bills.

Install Shutters

Adding shutters can decrease the sound that enters your home by providing another layer of insulation. You can even get shutters that are specifically designed to insulate your windows. As an added bonus, these also improve your home’s energy consumption.

Use Window Mats

If you have double-hung windows you can put window mats in between the panes. While they will block some light, you can roll them up during times you want natural light to flow through the room.

Install Window Blankets

These are made of materials that have been used in the music industry to add soundproofing to rooms, and can even minimize noise from airplanes and trains. You can get window blankets that may be pulled up, or you can permanently attach them.

You don’t have to tolerate loud noises from outside your home. Using one or multiple of these methods can make a big difference in not only the sound that comes into your house, but also how much heat enters or escapes.

If you decide on shutters for your Perth home, Boardwalk can provide you with high quality, affordable solutions for your window insulation needs.

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