Motorised aluminium gate in Perth

Why Should I Install a Motorised Aluminium Gate in Perth?

At Boardwalk, we provide excellent quality aluminium pedestrian and driveway gates. We can install a manual or motorised gate or if you’re unsure, we can also install a manual gate which can later be motorised. To motorise our aluminium gates, we use KingGates Motors. KingsGates motors are stringently tested to ensure that they are user-friendly and intuitive, and that they comply with Australian safety standards. If you are considering installing a motorised aluminium pedestrian or driveway gate in Perth, please read on!

Security and Safety

A motorised gate is an excellent outer layer of security for your home. In previous blog posts, we have talked about how to keep your home safe from burglars. One of the most important ways to secure your home is to prevent any opportunistic thieves from entering your property. If your home is surrounded by aluminium fencing and enclosed by a robust automated gate, opportunistic burglars will be less likely to try and enter your property.

Not only will a motorised gate keep thieves out, it will also keep children and pets in! By making it difficult for your tiny people to open the pedestrian or driveway gate manually, they will remain at home, safe and secure!


Not only are motorised gates secure, they also provide a level of convenience for any homeowner. Being able to control your pedestrian or driveway gate from your car or from inside your home saves you that little bit of time every time you exit or enter your property. KingGates motors are also very easy to use. The gate controls are very user-friendly and thanks to their 24V electronics, KingsGates motors will function even if you have a power outage, running on auxiliary batteries. The automations are also low voltage, meaning that they are extremely safe.

Property Value

A motorised driveway or pedestrian gate can increase the curb appeal of your home. A motorised aluminium gate will improve the way your property looks, creating a sense of grandeur and modern luxury. Buyers will be attracted to the aesthetic appeal of your home, and the security your motorised gate offers.

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