Internal Shutters: The New Haven Range

Internal Shutters: The New Haven Range

Choose From Our New Haven Range Internal Shutters in Perth

Boardwalk knows better than anyone the importance of providing attractive internal shutters but also ones that will hold up to constant use for years or even decades. If our products can’t do both then we haven’t succeeded in our mission. However, when it comes to the New Haven Range of our internal shutters, you’ll agree that these fantastic products are both beautiful and functional.

The New Haven Range uses extruded PVC to provide ideal resistance against moisture and water. This makes these internal shutters perfect for any wet area such as a bathroom, but is also affordably priced enough to be fitted throughout the entire house as well.

These shutters are fitted with aluminium louvres inserted in wider panels to both provide extra stability and also to reduce the overall weight of the product. Additionally, one option for the New Haven Range, available exclusively in a handsome White color, includes an interlocking blade that increases the amount of light blocked by closed shutters, providing even more privacy for those who know the value of such things.

With a wide range of configurations, the New Haven Range is available in 63mm, 89mm and 114mm elliptical blade lengths. Available in White, Antique White, or Off White, these internal shutters have a two way closure and are available in custom shapes. New Haven Range shutters are even available in an interlocking design in the 89mm length.

We take great pride in our products, and we have such confidence in our manufacturing and workmanship that all our internal and external shutters come with a 15 year guarantee. Our hardware is guaranteed for a total of 25 years, and the lion’s share of our finishes on our shutters are guaranteed from anywhere between five to ten years as well.

Not only that, but we’re incredibly easy to work with when it comes to your budget and your needs. Our policy is only to require a balance due of 30 percent of total cost upon delivery or installation – a far cry from the 50 percent deposit requirement from most other companies – and we offer high end after-sales support for your internal shutters, your external shutters, or any other products such as motorised gates that you purchase from us. Come down to our showroom and you won’t leave until you’re satisfied that you’ve found the most affordable and most aesthetically pleasing internal shutters for your needs.

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