Keep Cool This Summer with Shutters

Keep Cool This Summer with Shutters

Over the past several decades, we’ve come to think of shutters as merely a decorative element that adds a finished, attractive look to the outside of our windows. But they serve a functional purpose as well – not only increasing the value of your home but providing a source of insulation in order to lower your hydro bills and give you control over how much light and air enter your home. With the ever-rising cost of power, this is becoming more and more important in order to keep down your home expenses.

Insulate Your Windows

Glass does not provide insulating qualities, meaning that heat can get out in winter and in during summer, resulting in extensive use of air conditioning and heating fuel. By adding shutters to your home, you create a barrier that keeps the elements out and your power in, thereby lowering your bills and making your family more comfortable.


Boardwalk is a provider of a wide variety of options for shutters in Perth, in your choice of materials and colours. Our Villa line features Basswood louvre blades, which have been shown to make a 27.5% difference in indoor temperatures. The frames are constructed of carefully selected hardwoods, and the panels are assembled with mortise and tenon joins, and glued and screwed for added durability. Basswood is a great choice for its insulating properties, and you can choose from white, antique white, eggshell, or jasper in our Villa range.

Our Kimberley Shutters are also crafted from Basswood, and feature elliptical blades in 47mm, 63mm, 89mm, and 114mm sizes, or flat blades in 63mm or 89mm. These customisable shutters are available in a 13 colour palette, or we can customise the colour to match your interior décor. Kimberley is the ideal combination of high quality features and affordability.

Shutters for Wet Areas

Our Newhaven line is ideal for areas where moisture could affect your window shutters. They feature a two-way blade closure, and are constructed of a non-toxic synthetic material (with aluminium inserts in wider panels). The Newhaven range is a great combination of function, features, and price, and is perfect for bathrooms and other wet areas.

We also offer a line of cedar shutters for those desiring a more classic look. Cedar is one of the most effective insulating materials you can get, and creates an amazing aesthetic appeal.

Stay cooler this summer in the heat of Perth with shutters in a variety of stylish options.

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