Securing your home safe

How to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars

A large number of break and enter crimes are preventable. At Boardwalk, we can assist you with installing secure aluminium fencing, gates and shutters in Perth. Along with installing secure fencing and gate access to your home, there are other ways you can secure your home to discourage burglars.

Tips on How to Burglar Proof Your Home

Door and Window Locks and Security: Always lock doors and windows if you’re away from your home. Ensure that you use a good quality and solid lock to make it very difficult to tamper with. Don’t leave keys under doormats or pot plants. It seems very obvious, but many people still leave keys in their front yard making it extremely easy for an opportunistic thief.

Security Lighting: The fear of been seen will deter criminals from approaching your property. Install security lighting around the perimeter of your property, along entry ways and also at the back of your home. Consider using automatic light times when you’re away to give the illusion that you are at home.

Home Alarm Systems: Install an intruder alarm system and ensure that it is manufactured and installed to the Australian Standards for Domestic Applications. Regularly check the batteries and test the system. Don’t forget to turn it on every time you leave your home!

Tidying: Don’t advertise that you have purchased a new television by leaving the box outside, or that you have gone away for a holiday by leaving your house looking unoccupied. Tidy and pack away bikes lying around in your front yard and think about installing automatic light timers in your home if you’re away, to provide the illusion that there is someone present in your home.

Property Inventory: Keep a detailed document outlining the manufacturer, model/serial number and colour of any valuable property you own. Think about engraving any extra valuable property to keep it traceable (make sure engraving the property doesn’t affect the warranty of the item).

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