What You Need to Know About Timber Shutters

Let’s Talk Timber Shutters

There is something elegant and simply beautiful about timber shutters. The natural grains of the timber coupled with the colour of the wood, creates a warm and inviting space in your home. At Boardwalk, we are extremely proud of our Cedar Internal Timber Shutter range. We have noticed that homeowners in Perth just seem to gravitate towards this absolutely beautiful product! If you’re wondering whether you should choose timber shutters for your home, please continue reading!

Why Choose Timber Shutters for Your Home?

Timber shutters, like aluminium shutters, are very easy to clean. Unlike curtains, you don’t have to remove them from their fittings to clean them. Once a week, vacuum the louvre slats of your Cedar shutters to remove any dust or grime. In addition, apply a little bit of wood polish to a dusting cloth once a month and go over the louvres and the frame of the shutters to give them a more thorough cleaning.

Internal timber shutters also offer a high level of privacy and security in your home. Timber shutters are quite strong and resilient, meaning that they are more difficult to break into than other window coverings. The opacity of internal timber shutters also ensures that uninvited guests can’t see into your home and helps to reduce unwanted street noise and light.

Internal timber shutters are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The natural tone and grains of the timber will enhance and complement your home. The grain and colour of our Cedar range is beautiful, creating a classic, traditional and warm feel in any space in your home. Imagine pairing this gorgeous feature with a plush neutral couch and colourful rug, set on a polished wooden floor. Stunning!

At Boardwalk, we can provide you with stunning internal timber shutters for your home. For more information, please contact us now!

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