Powder coated Slat Fencing

Maintaining Your Powder Coated Slat Fencing in Perth

In our previous blog posts, we have talked the benefits of aluminum slat fencing and screens in terms of their easy maintenance, durability and hardiness. The combination of an aluminium base with a powder coat finish creates a product that is extremely long-lasting; the powder coat finish further protects your fence and screen from harmful UV rays. This is especially important in Perth, where our summers are especially long, hot and sunny. While our powder coated aluminium fences and screens are very low maintenance, there are some ways in which you can further increase the life of these products.

Over time with exposure to the sun and rain, a powder coating finish can begin to show subtle signs of wear, such as a slight colour change or a dulling of the glossy finish. To minimise the effects of the elements, a very simple, regular clean is essential. The frequency of the clean depends on the location of the fence or screen, and any other environmental factors which can accelerate the weathering process, such as salt or atmospheric pollution. Sheltered powder coated products can sometimes be more at risk of dulling and weathering because they aren’t exposed to rainfall, which will naturally wash away any grime or dirt.

How to Clean and Maintain Slat Fencing or Screen

To clean your slat fence or screen, mix a solution of warm water and PH neutral detergent. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean each slat and any framing. Make sure that you rinse your fence or screen thoroughly afterwards to remove any remaining soapy residue. It is also important to give your slat fence or screen a clean immediately after installation, to remove any construction materials. From the installation date, it is a good idea to mark a date in your calendar of the next clean. For a fence or screen installed in a suburban area, a simple clean every six months or so will keep your powder coat finish looking bright and uniform for many years to come!

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