Maximise Your Property’s Space with Outdoor Shutters

Populations are growing, with cities and suburbs becoming denser. This increase in density means we’re living on top of one another, and our privacy is being sacrificed. This is worrying, as our homes are our sanctuaries – a place of rest among a storm of calls, meetings and social occasions. 

Having a feeling of space is essential to creating and enjoying our residences. For most, it’s not an option to just pack up and relocate to the country to attain this feeling – so what can you do to maximise the area you already have? Outdoor shutters can provide the answer.

Outdoor shutters allow you to extend your home. 

When installed by industry professionals, outdoor shutters can be utilised in a range of ways. Boardwalk’s team of specialists can install our high-quality outdoor aluminium shutters in a variety of areas, allowing you to have them fitted onto verandas, patios or balconies. These stylish shutters can transform those exterior areas into part of your home – giving your property more versatility in both relaxation and entertaining. 

Outdoor shutters increase privacy.  

In the Australian Bureau of Statisticsmost recent population statistics, all capital cities increased their populations between 2019 and 2020. Couple this with a continual decrease in block size, and it’s not hard to see how residents’ privacy is on the decline. Fortunately, outdoor shutters can give you a feeling of space while also increasing your privacy. Because shutters are able to be partially opened, and embody a slanting design, they are capable of allowing light to filter through while providing privacy from the outside world. This feeling of seclusion also helps to deepen that impression of expanse and room. 

Outdoor shutters can maximise the space of your home

Outdoor shutters can provide an easy and stylish way of maximising your property’s space.

Increased space while improving security.  

This seclusion and privacy are related to our next point – the added security of installing outdoor shutters. By utilising shutters to extend your home, you’re adding further protection and barriers, making your property more impenetrable. They also make it harder to break windows, one of the most common ways thieves break into homes.  

Put simply, it’s a win-win: the more space you’re able to utilise, the more barriers you are putting up between your valuables and potential theft. Boardwalk’s outdoor aluminium shutters are durable and strong, with the ability to give your home added security without compromising style.  

Extend your home without the renovation costs. 

Renovating your home can put a considerable dent in your hard-earned savings, not to mention the stress and inconvenience of organising the work itself. A significant quantity of renovations are extensions of homes, usually to include additional living areas. Many of the reasons these extensions are prevalent have already been stated, but they all come down to a desire for more room. 

In Australia, we’re spoilt by almost endless sun and good weather. So why not make the most of it while saving money on a renovation by utilising your outdoor area, adding privacy in the process with outdoor aluminium shutters.  


For city dwellers, it may be getting harder to find large properties to reside on but it needn’t be hard to utilise the space you have. By installing outdoor shutters you maximise your property’s land, increase privacy and security, and most importantly, get a feeling of space and relaxation. 

If you have any questions about what outdoor aluminium shutters would best suit your home, contact Boardwalk’s friendly team of specialists on 1300 112 333 or request an obligation-free quote by clicking here.