MHouse motorised gate

MHouse Motorised Gate Accessories & How They Can Help You

Choose the Right Motorised Gate and Accessories for Your Home

If you need to get a motorised gate fitted to your property, or if you have an old one you want to replace with a new and updated gate, you need look no further than Boardwalk. We have the skills and expertise to get your gate opening and closing for you like a charm – and that’s because we use MHouse motorised gate accessories.

In fact, we’re proud to announce that we use MHouse motorised systems for all our gate installations, both for hinged and sliding gates. In fact, if you want a manual gate now but tell us you’ll be looking into adding motorisation to it at a later date, we can prepare your gate well in advance to ensure that fitting MHouse motors and accessories is a snap in the future.

Featuring hassle-free and low maintenance design and operation, MHouse motors run on a single 240 volt power source. However, we offer a solar power accessory that makes it unnecessary to have traditional power lines run to the motorised components.

Our motors are ready to get your gate opening and closing under all conditions, suitable for gates as wide as 7 metres. All of our MHouse products have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty; we offer an additional annual service plan and an extended warranty for your peace of mind. We offer a wide range of safety features as well with our MHouse motorised gates, including a flashing light that can be fitted to the gate that doubles as an aerial to increase the range of the two standard remote controls that come with every installation, programmable battery-operated keypads for keyless entry, and electric locks that can hold a gate together more securely. We even offer photocell safety beams to halt gate operation if someone or something is standing in the path of the closing gate; this is especially helpful in areas where there’s a high level of anticipated traffic flow or in areas of limited space.

Don’t choose anyone else when it comes to your motorised gate and accessories. MHouse and Boardwalk is the winning team you need to get the best, each and every time – let us secure your property and everything else that matters to you the safe, reliable, and effective way.

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