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Our Industry Leading Warranties

When it comes to internal shutters, external shutters, motorised gates, screens, or flat fencing, there’s only one expert in all of Western Australia – Boardwalk. We’ve built a reputation over the years for excellent customer service and fairly-priced shutters and screens – and as a result we have some of the best warranty programs in the business, because we know just how good we are.

Did you know that we guarantee all our screens and shutters to be completely free of manufacturing defects or workmanship errors for a total of 15 years? That’s right – that’s just how confident we are in our own products. Additionally, when it comes to your shutters and gates we’ll guarantee any hardware such as hinges and latches for a full 25 years – that’s a quarter century. This shows you just how absolutely convinced we are that our products are flawless.

But our warranty program doesn’t end there – we also have an extremely high opinion on the finishes we use on our gates, our screens and flat fencing, and on our interior and exterior shutters. For the majority of our powder-coated colour finishes on our products, we’re proud to offer a five year warranty at the minimum. In some situations – largely dependent on individual product – we’ll even offer a 10 year warranty on our finishes; talk to one of our skilled and experienced team members for more details on which details are covered and for how long.

Finally, we absolutely guarantee that we have the lowest price available for our products and services. In fact, we’re so committed to providing the most affordable option for shutters, fencing or gates that we won’t just match the price of a quote from a local competitor brought to us within 30 days – we’ll do one better by beating that price by a significant amount. Not only that, but we won’t demand payment in full before delivery like some other companies.

Between all of our industry-leading warranty programs and ironclad guarantees, it’s easy to see why Boardwalk is the most trusted name in Perth, if not the entirety of Western Australia. It’s also easy to see that you would have to be mad to go anywhere else, so come in today and take the first step in getting the highest quality shutters, fencing, or gate system you need at a price you know you’ll be able to afford.