The Perfect Aluminium Shutters for Your Home

What are the Perfect Aluminium Shutters for My Home in Perth?

If you are considering installing aluminium shutters in your home, you’re on the way to making a great decision! Aluminium shutters are not only durable and low maintenance, they also offer a high level of security and privacy in your home. To help you decide which shutters are perfect for your home, we have created an article exploring the different fitting options available to you!

Bi-Fold Shutters

Along with fixed aluminium shutters, there are a variety of fitting options which can complement any space in your home. Bi-fold aluminium shutters are made up of two or more panels installed in a concertina effect. This fitting option allows you to completely open up your shutters, providing an unobstructed view. Consider installing bi-fold shutters in a patio or alfresco area to allow you to completely open one wall, providing you with uninterrupted views of the back garden or swimming pool!

Sliding Shutters

Sliding aluminium shutters use a double tracking system, to allow a shutter panel to slide past the shutter panel next to it. This means that when you open the shutters, there will always be part of the space covered by a shutter panel. You should consider this fitting option if you are installing shutters more for security purposes, as it will not allow you to have an unobstructed view when the shutters are open.

At Boardwalk Shutters in Perth, we offer a comprehensive range of internal and external aluminium shutters to suit any decor and budget. We provide fitted, sliding and bi-fold shutters, and can also custom design our aluminium shutters to fit almost any space. Our shutters can be installed using a wide range of frames and architraves, or fixed directly into reveals and openings.

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