Plantation Shutters for Sliding Doors

Australia possesses an almost endless quantity of scenic views, and perhaps the greatest indication of this is the popularity of glass sliding doors in Aussie homes. However, there are trade-offs to getting the openness of sliding doors – glaring light and heat are two that come readily to mind. Installing plantation shutters on your sliding doors is an effective way of maximising their benefits and minimising their detractions. 

Plantation shutters for sliding doors help you control light. 

One of the pleasures of glass sliding doors is how much light they allow in. There’s a warmth – both literally and figuratively – to having natural light in your home. In the Australian climate, however, the sun’s glare can be brutally bright and create a hot room. By fitting plantation shutters on your doors, you give yourself the ability to moderate how much light you allow in – modifying the shutters to create your desired lighting.

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Plantation shutters will give you increased insulation. 

Professionally installed plantation shutters give your home an added level of insulation – helping to keep in the heat in winter and retain the cold in summer. This is a desirable feature, not only for comfort but also for reducing your energy bills. The less time you have the heater or air conditioner on, the more dollars in your pocket! 


Plantation Shutters for Sliding Doors

Plantation shutters can complement your sliding doors.


Add style to your sliding doors with plantation shutters. 

While glass sliding doors are excellent at giving your house a sense of space, or the opportunity to savour a view, they get dirty in the blink of an eye. If not maintained by regular cleaning, they can quickly bring down the overall aesthetic of a space. Plantation shutters add style to your doors, giving the room another feature for you to enjoy. They are durable and easy to maintain and tend to retain their colour and stylistic sharpness for an extremely long time. 

Plantation shutters for sliding doors improve privacy.  

Because sliding doors are mostly glass and designed for an external view, they also allow people to see into your home, decreasing your privacy. Plantation shutters give you the power to choose when your home’s interiors are visible and can also provide you with light and a view while restricting the exterior gaze. 

Can you get plantation shutters on your sliding doors? 

Boardwalk’s specialists can fit shutters onto most door sizes and frames. One thing to consider, however, is the door handle. How far your door’s handle comes out will impact the process of fitting the shutters, as there needs to be enough space for the shutters to move freely.  

This is a small example of the importance of utilising leading professionals when installing your shutters. Our installation process is adaptable – there are no two identical jobs. Shutters are both a practical and stylish addition to any home, but only if installed with the care and expertise that brings out their best features. 


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