Preparing lawns for summer

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Perth Summers

Summer in Perth can be unbearably hot, and can cause your lawn to become ugly, brown, and overgrown with weeds that survive the harsh conditions better than grass. As an exterior and interior window shutter, fence and gate provider in Perth, we understand the importance of a well-tended front-yard for the curb appeal of your home. Here are a few tips for keeping your lawn pristine during the hot summer months!


A little planning ahead is required to make good use of aeration! It’s best if it’s done every 1-3 years during spring. Aerating your lawn can improve the ability of oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the root systems of the grass, and will allow your grass to breathe.

Remove thatch

Thatch is decaying plant matter that accumulates on your lawn over time as the seasons roll by. Removing thatch by raking it out gives water and oxygen better access to the layer of grass that is actually alive. Removing thatch is most effective when done in spring as the growing season starts, and is even more effective if it is done in conjunction with aeration.


Fertiliser stimulates the growth of plants by providing them with powerful nutrients. It is very effective at sustaining plant growth, but must be applied with a little precision. Use fertiliser during spring, at least 30 days before peak temperatures in the summer. Avoid fertilising your grass during rainy weather, because the rainwater will wash it away!


The best way to water grass (and any plants, actually) is to do so with the roots in mind. Occasional, but deep watering, is much more ideal and effective than constant surface-level watering. Ordinarily, plants gain their water through their roots from the soil around them. In summer, this is more difficult because the heat dries out the soil. During hot weather, target the roots of your grass when watering, rather than just sprinkling water over your grass and allowing some of it to trickle down!


During spring, cut your grass to about a third of its original length to improve the root system. Then, during the summer, raise the length by a few centimeters. Try to cut in a different pattern each time, and keep your mower’s blades sharp.

Keep these tips in mind, and your lawn will stay healthy and beautiful even during the hottest Perth summers!

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