Quality Interior Shutters in Perth

Say Goodbye to Curtains with Interior Shutters

Curtains have been the traditional window screening choice for many years, and while they do the job, there are alternatives for those who wish to bring a breath of fresh air into the home. Curtains have their drawbacks too, one being the lack of fine control over privacy. They are either open or closed, and anything in between gives you little or no privacy, yet with interior shutters, you have fine control over both light and privacy, allowing for the perfect combination, whatever the time of day. Curtains tend to look cluttered when bunched up at both sides of the window aperture, and can affect the ambience considerably, but with interior shutters that are tailored to fit, the room looks clean and balanced.

A Choice of Materials

Once you have decided that shutters are the way to go, there is a choice of materials. Timber shutters are popular, and with a range of Dulux paints, the finish can be blended with the existing layout. Our Kimberley range is made from Basswood, a lightweight timber that is easy to cut and screw, and it is ideal for paint application. Our units are made with mortise and tenon joints for optimum strength, and the hand crafted finish will complement any room. If you’d prefer something a little more traditional, cedar shutters are ideal. It is hard to beat cedar for sheer beauty and durability, which is why it is such a popular choice, as it definitely adds character to any room.

Faux Wood Solutions

Some people love the look of timber, but aren’t prepared to spend the time keeping the wood in prime condition, which is where our Sentosa range comes into its own. Made from an extruded synthetic material, the shutters have the appearance of timber with none of the upkeep, and are the ideal solution for a timber focused property. They can be used in wet areas, and with a choice of configurations, it is easy to find the right balance.

Efficient Adjustment

The modern shutter is easy to adjust and with different panels, you can find the perfect balance of light and seclusion. You can choose a setting where you have full visibility when looking from the inside, but zero visibility from the outside, such is the versatility of shutters. You can choose to close one shutter, while leaving the other half open, which is perfect for those hot summer afternoons.

UV Protection

Even thick curtains cannot offer the same level of UV protection as shutters, and with direct sunlight causing your carpets and furniture to prematurely fade, it makes sense to protect them. Whatever the sun’s position, the fine tuning of shutters ensures that you can protect any area of the room at any time.

The Best Warranties

We at Boardwalk, are proud of our standards and offer a 5-year finish warranty on all our surfaces. This means no peeling, cracking, warping, twisting, or bubbling. Workmanship is guaranteed for 15 years, that’s how confident we are about our standards, so, if you are thinking of interior shutters, contact us and we’d be happy to advise you.

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