Screen Fencing for Excellent Privacy & Security

Screen Fencing — A Wide Range of Options to Consider

Australian homeowners have many more fencing options to consider than they used to in the past. One of the best options that homeowners can choose from, with regard to residential fences, are the screen fences that are now a common sight across Australian neighbourhoods. There are many excellent benefits to these styles of fences, including the option of ‘privacy’ or semi-privacy’ systems, after all, privacy is a major motivation for homeowners to invest in fencing for their residential properties.

Here are some of the most popular screen and slat fencing styles that homeowners can currently choose from, all of which our aluminium slat fencing experts can advise you on.

Aero Screens — Plenty of Privacy

If privacy is an issue for you, aero screens may be the best fencing option available. These screen fences are very attractive, plus they provide homeowners with maximum privacy. Some of the benefits that these popular screens offer homeowners include:

Excellent Privacy & Security

As the solid aluminium screens are welded onto the frames, aero screens are strong, sturdy and offer excellent security. What’s more, they can be raised as high as required, offering unparalleled privacy.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

Aero screens are suitable for a broad range of applications, including infill panels on fences, as well as driveway and pedestrian gates. This makes it viable to apply the one fence style across the entire property and maintain a clean, consistent look that delivers superb curb appeal.

Our aero screens are available in a wide range of powder coat colours to suit the style considerations and colour schemes of all residential properties.

Boxed Screens — Solid, Attractive Residential Fencing

This style of fencing is proving very popular, as you may have noticed when driving around suburbia. Boxed screens are attractive and provide superb support and security, qualities that are all homeowners are advised to focus on when looking for new fencing for their residential properties. These fences can be used with welded gates, which makes for a clean, neat finish, plus frame sizes are flexible, which means that this aluminium slat fencing variety is suitable for all properties as they’re easily customised.

Frameless Screens

By far the most popular fencing product at the present point in time (and they’ll continue to be for quite some time by the looks of things), frameless screens are a great choice. Some of the many advantages to selecting frameless screens includes:

  • High levels of security and privacy
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Easy installation (for most properties)

If you’re considering a frameless screen fence for your home you’re making a great choice, but don’t overlook the other screen fencing styles discussed here as they’re all great choices, depending on factors such as your security and privacy requirements, the aesthetics of your residential property and the budget that you have to work with.

If you have any questions about the screen fence varieties discussed here — aero screens, boxed screens and frameless screens — please contact us today.

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