Securing boat with aluminium fencing

Secure Your Boat this Summer with Aluminium Fencing

With summer approaching, it’s likely boat owners will want to take their boat out for a spin! Unfortunately, a staggering 46% of boat theft occurs during the summer months, especially on weekends. This is why it is important to especially secure your boat during the summer months in Perth. Fortunately, there are a large number of theft prevention techniques that are quite effective!

Aluminum Fencing

One of the best theft prevention techniques in Perth is to use aluminum fencing to prevent casual trespassers from getting near your boat. An aluminium fence provides a physical barrier to your front yard, deterring would-be opportunistic thieves from entering your property. Eliminating that ‘opportunity’ is the first step to securing your boat and your home.

Aluminium Driveway and Pedestrian Access Gate

An essential part of securing your boat and your home, is installing a sturdy driveway and pedestrian access gate in your front yard. This will not only create a physical barrier to deter opportunistic thieves, but will also secure all entry points to your property. The biggest choice you’ll have to make regarding your aluminium gate at Boardwalk, is whether the gate is automatic or manually controlled. The benefits of an automatically controlled gate are obvious – it’s convenient and doesn’t require a key that can be lost or stolen.You can also choose to open your gate via intercom or pin code, which will further secure your boat and home. Manually operated gates are cheaper and will still provide a physical barrier to opportunistic thieves. However, they can be less effective, as their keys can be stolen, allowing easy access to your home. If you are simply unsure, at Boardwalk we can fabricate aluminium gates for future motorisation, to provide you with the option at a later date.


Another option for protecting your boat is to put a GPS tracker on it. Many boats come with these pre-installed, but older models will need one added. Even if you’re only leaving your boat overnight, it’s a good idea to activate the GPS, just in case. Since most stolen boats that will be recovered are in the first 24 hours after they’re stolen, GPS tracking is an ideal way of maximising your chances of getting your boat stolen in the unfortunate incidence of a theft.

If you would like more information about securing your boat this summer, please contact us now for your aluminium fencing and gate solution!

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