Boardwalk’s Sentosa Shutters

Sentosa shutters – Withstanding humidity

Why Choose Boardwalk’s Sentosa Shutters

When it comes to bathrooms, home-owners face an entirely new challenge in choosing the right window coverings. Bathrooms are small confined places where privacy is the primary concern of users. Most architects use fearless creativity to design bathroom windows that become hard to cover and present a unique dilemma for home-owners.

Bathroom shutters need to be made from the right materials and should be able to withstand fluctuating temperatures and high humidity.

Most people do not realise that there is a high level of humidity in the bathroom. Even when the bathroom window is not close to the shower or bath area, the shutters or blinds should be made of material that is resistant to moisture absorption. It is also not common knowledge that the towels and clothes laying in the bathroom contribute towards an increase in humidity.

Boardwalk’s Sentosa range are the perfect bathroom shutters. Made using an extruded PVC the Sentosa range is more resistant to moisture and warping and ensures that the design and quality of the shutter is not compromised when used in a bathroom. Natural timber does not respond well to moisture and water and is not recommended in shutters for wet areas.

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