Aluminium Slat Fencing Solutions

Slat Fencing: The Best of Both Worlds

If you’re looking for a way to revamp the front of your home, slat fencing might be the answer. Say goodbye to painting or staining the timber fences, as aluminium slat fencing solutions provide the ideal, maintenance-free material that is perfectly suited to the harsh Australian climate. Powdered aluminium comes in a range of colours, or perhaps a timber-grain finish for that natural look. 

Privacy Options

One of the advantages of slat fencing is that you can see what’s happening outside, and with a choice of slat widths, you can have the best of both worlds. The aluminium slats are all made to measure, and are typically attached to the existing upright pillars — We can install these if necessary.

Aesthetic Value

Slat fencing is ideal above retaining walls and gives the home contrast and depth, and the right combination can radically change the character of the property. There are no unsightly fittings visible, and because they are customised, you can choose the width, and gap, which gives you the right balance between seclusion and visibility. 

Frameless Slat Fencing

This is perhaps our most popular fencing product, and gives a seamless look to the property, as there are no visible fittings. Many homes are surrounded by a series of pillars and the frameless slat fencing sits between these, and each unit is made to measure, so you will have a uniform finish.

Fully Framed Screens

In some cases, as around a pool area, it is necessary to install a steel frame for support, and each unit is TIG welded to provide a sturdy foundation for the fencing. With a matching gate, the fencing will transform your patio area, and you have the right level of privacy.

A Great Cover Up

As these units are customised, they are ideal to cover up unsightly air conditioning compressors and water tanks, giving your home a clean, uncluttered look.

Aero Screens

Perfect for areas where you want privacy, but also air circulation, especially around the pool or along walkways. The choice of colours allows for a perfect blend to complement the home.

Maintenance Free

Slat fencing used to be made from timber, and there was a price to pay, in terms of treating the timber regularly. Powdered aluminium is maintenance free and non-corrosive, even in the salty air of Western Australia, making it the ideal choice. If the rustic look is what you have in mind, there are timber-grained finishes that give you that desired look without the high maintenance of actually using timber.

A Comprehensive Service

Boardwalk is an Australian company that is well established in both domestic and commercial fields, and we aim to provide the best products at reasonable prices, and with our friendly installation teams, nothing is too much trouble. We can certainly help at the design stage, and most people are unaware of the latest screening solutions, and more often than not, we can offer a unique solution to your screening problems. So, if you need some advice about fencing or gating, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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