Aluminium Slats and Screen Fencing in Perth

The Many Benefits of Aluminium Slats & Screens

Aluminium slats and screen fencing have proven very popular across this rough and rugged country of ours. Aesthetically appealing, extremely durable and secure, they’re an outstanding fencing option that’s well within the financial reach of most Australian homeowners. At Boardwalk, we offer residential clients a superb selection of aluminium slat fencing and screens, so if you’re looking for an affordable fencing solution that offers many benefits, give us a call and we’ll talk you through your options.

Privacy Enhancing

Some slats and screens offer better privacy-enhancing properties than others, so if that’s what you’re interested in make sure you mention this to the team member when considering your options. Slats and screens are like plantation shutters in that they offer superb privacy, making them perfect for backyards and decks that are used for outdoor entertaining. This makes them an excellent fencing solution for all suburban properties across Perth.

Highly Secure

There are fencing solutions that offer more enhanced security than aluminium slats and screens, but they still offer high levels of security, in most cases, more than enough than most homeowners find they need at home. While aluminium is lightweight and not as strong as steel, it’s still very solid and the way these slats and screens are designed makes them very sturdy and secure. That’s important for many reasons, including cost-effectiveness as you don’t want to find that you need to have repairs carried out.

Gates & Access Options

One of the most prominent benefits to fencing solutions like these is that they’re easily enhanced with a wide range of access options — pedestrian and driveway gates. Gates and access options are very important to consider when deciding upon a style of fence or boundary for your residential property, so give ample thought to:

  • The driveway and pedestrian access gates you require
  • The automation and motorisation options available

What’s more, you also need to think about any existing fencing structures at your property and what will become of these — are you replacing them completely or are you adding fencing elements to your existing fence?

Attractive Aesthetics

It can’t be denied that aluminium slats and screens are among the most attractive fencing solutions available to homeowners. While they’re especially well-suited to contemporary and modern homes, they still look outstanding on traditional style properties, especially those that have been renovated and have had contemporary elements added to them.

We can advise you about the different styles of slats and screens available and which best suit your property’s design and style to help you select the perfect fencing solution for your Perth home.

Whether it’s your own home that you’re looking to add serious amounts of curb appeal to or it’s an investment property that you’re trying to make more appealing to prospective tenants, aluminium slats and screens truly are the way to go. Contact the team at Boardwalk today to learn more about the superb selection of aluminium slat fencing and screens that we can supply you with to transform your home.

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