Timber vs. Synthetic Shutters

Timber vs. Synthetic Shutters

Are you considering adding shutters to your home? Whether you decide on getting them inside or outside, you have a lot to think about before making a final choice. Shutters installation is a big decision that will involve considering the material that gets used.

For the most part, shutters in Perth come down to timber or synthetic. Let’s compare them both now.

Timber Shutters

Internal timber shutters are beloved all over the world for a number of reasons. However, here in Australia, timber shutters are especially popular.

After all, we get a lot of sun in this part of the world. Timber shutters are great for blocking it out completely when closed. At the same time, though, they’ll still allow air to get through and provide proper circulation.

They’re also extremely stylish too. Look at the timber shutters made by Killa, Kimberly and Cedar. These shutters would work in any number of homes, no matter what kinds of styles they went with.

Of course, if treated properly, outdoor shutters in Perth can be made from timber too, in which case, the whole neighborhood will be in for a treat.

Whether they’re external or internal shutters, you’re going to have to clean them at some point. Fortunately, timber shutters excel here too. You can basically just wipe them down to make sure you’ve gotten all the dust off and they’ll be good.

Synthetic Shutters

There’s a lot to love about synthetic shutters though too.

Made from a synthetic non-toxic material, these types of shutters can take on a number of different looks. The way they’re made also means they’re usually more affordable than other options as well.

Synthetic materials are great for wet areas in your home. If you want interior shutters for your bathroom, for example, synthetic shutters will be able to put up with all the moisture without falling apart on you.

Of course, you can put them anywhere else in the home too. Newhaven are synthetic shutters and look absolutely gorgeous. No matter what kind of motif a room has, then, synthetic shutters are going to fit in just fine.

Another thing to appreciate about Newhaven shutters is that they come with an interlocking blade. This design allows them to greatly reduce light penetration and provide you with additional privacy.

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