Exterior colour scheme

Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Colour Scheme

When it’s time to choose the colour scheme for the exterior of your home, there are nearly unlimited options available. However, if you want your home to look great from the curb, there are a few tips you should follow to ensure you follow the right path.

Limit Your Colours

While you might be tempted to use as many colours as possible, you should limit your choices to three. You could break up these colour options with one for the house, another for the trim and shutters, and one more for the gutters, fascia and roof.

Remember the Effects of Sunlight

When choosing the colours for your exterior scheme, you need to keep in mind that the sunlight will cause the paint to appear around four shades lighter. This means that you will want to choose paint colours that are around four shades darker than what you actually want them to be.

Additionally, the manner in which the sunlight hits your home will affect the colour. You should always buy a sample of the colour you believe you want for your exterior and paint a section on the front and back. This will allow you to see the difference that the golden afternoon light provides compared to the brighter light in the morning.

Compliment Your Home

Don’t forget to choose paint colours for the fencing and gates. Aluminum slat fencing and aluminum gates provide a wide range of colour choices and excellent value, which are also important considerations when making choices for your home.

Avoid Stark White for the Eaves

Even though many people believe that white is the perfect highlight to exterior colour schemes, it really is not a good option for the eaves. Over the years, the eaves tend to collect dirt and grime, and this will show up even more against a white background. Your best option would be to choose either an off-white or the lightest option in the colour family you’ve chosen for the home. Also, keep in mind that even darker white shades will still appear white due to the effects of the sun.

Choosing the right colour scheme for the exterior of your home will increase the curb appeal. When you choose complimentary colours for the shutters, aluminum slat fencing and aluminum gates, you will tie the entire look of your home together so that everything blends beautifully and looks great for years to come.

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