Tips for Revamping Your Street Frontage

Tips for Revamping Your Street Frontage

While most people spend plenty of time making sure the interior of their home is perfect, many forget about the front entrance and just how much it adds to the look of your home. These tips will help you increase the curb appeal of your home so that it can look its best, whether you are trying to sell or just want to make your neighbors jealous.

Address the Walkway

The path leading to your home is a great place to add an overall wow factor to the front of your home. Using pavers, bricks or flagstones will add instant interest, and always look better than plain cement. Consider curving your walkway to make it stand out a bit, and throw in a few plants or greenery that require little maintenance to add to the overall beauty and interest.

Adding Slat Fencing

Slat fencing or screens are the perfect addition to the frontage of your home. Besides the overall beauty that they provide, they also increase privacy. Slat fencing is available in a variety of colours and styles, ensuring you can find one that matches the scheme and overall look of your home’s exterior. Many potential homebuyers today are interested in privacy and beauty, and slat fencing allows you to provide both.


If you add a fence to your front yard, you really need to add a gate as well. You can choose a simple design that allows people to enter and exit at will, or you can choose a motorised gate that will add another layer of protection to your home. Slat-style gates offer a unique look that meshes with most outdoor spaces, ensuring added beauty without the look of traditional chain link fencing.

Add Flowers

Flowers add instant beauty to any space and ensure that anyone who enters the area feels warm and welcome. Choose bright, eye-catching blooms that make sure everyone notices just how stunning your front yard looks.


When creating an inviting space, you can’t forget how it will look at night. Adding a touch of up-lights or mood lighting is a great way to add instant appeal. You can even choose specific areas to light during the day to ensure that others take notice.


If you have a larger space, don’t forget to add seating for guests to enjoy the oasis that you’ve created. This will make the front yard even more inviting, enticing friends and even potential buyers to want to see what else your home has to offer.

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