Modern Screening Solutions in Perth

Transform Your Home with Modern Screening Solutions

The home should not only be comfortable, it should also look distinguished, and if you are thinking that the exterior of your property could do with a facelift, there are modern solutions that can transform any home. The latest generation of slat fencing is made from commercial grade aluminium and comes in either a powder coated or timber grain finish, and is maintenance free.

Slat Screening

This versatile screen comprises of a series of horizontal slats that can be frameless, or fixed to adjoining posts, and with a range of thickness and spacing, you can determine the level of privacy. With a range of colours and finishes, you can literally transform the exterior with slat fencing.

Boxed Screening

This consists of a welded steel structure, and is a solid system that can incorporate swing gates, which is ideal for terraced areas. TIG welding gives more strength, so your new fencing will last for many years, and because each project is unique, the screening would be customised for the space.

Aero Screens

These are fixed aluminium blades and provide ideal screening for pool areas or in place of a retaining wall. The aluminium comes in a range of powder coated colours and finishes, and is the perfect material to deal with the harsh Western Australian climate.

External Shutters

As a perfect partner to slat fencing, installing exterior shutters will give the home a distinguished look, and you will experience a higher level of privacy, and with total light control, you can create the ideal ambience in any room. Boardwalk’s range of aluminium Beachside Shutters are perfect for coastal areas, and with a range of styles and openings, you can find the perfect combination for your home. By using a professional company, all the necessary supports and fitting would be provided, and the installation would be first class.

A Professional Opinion

Before deciding on exterior screening, it makes sense to talk to the experts, who have many years of hands-on experience and are familiar with modern materials. A design team could suggest different options, and you might be surprised at how creative they can be. At Boardwalk, we have been providing customised screening solutions for Perth and surrounding areas for many years, and because we import and manufacture, we are able to offer affordable prices, as there is no middleman involved.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Exterior fencing and screening can not only change the look of your home, it can also add significant value, and with zero maintenance, your new screening will look like new for many years, and will complement the property. We supply and install gates, with motorised solutions, in fact, we can deal with any screening environment, and with our experience, we can offer the homeowner a unique look at an affordable price.

Maintenance Free

Powder coated aluminium will not corrode, even in the salty Western Australian air, and by installing aluminium screening or fencing, you can say goodbye to that dreaded staining that has to be done every year. Aluminium fencing really is a question of fix and forget, and with the right colour and finish, your home will be transformed.

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