Plantation Shutters in Perth

Transform Your Interior with Plantation Shutters

Home improvements are always a good idea, and there are certain requirements for any revamp, namely, the work should improve your living conditions, and it should also add value to the property. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to change the ambience, consider installing interior plantation shutters. The benefits are many, and here are just a few reasons why shutters are a wise choice.

The Ultimate Screening Solution

Whether you use curtains or blinds, you will have a certain level of control over the screening, but with plantation shutters you can finely tune the amount of light and seclusion you allow into the room. Tastefully crafted in either a non-toxic composite material or Basswood, whichever is preferred, modern plantation shutters are unobtrusive and provide a fine level of screening for any environment.

Bored with Curtains

The annual spring clean can be a bit tedious, and the colour eventually fades to the point where you fail to notice anything else. Replacing them would be costly, so you might consider installing hand crafted plantation shutters throughout the home, which will transform the ambience. The process is simple, just contact Boardwalk and we will send a specialist to view your property, and with our many years of hands-on experience providing screening solutions for Australian homeowners, you can be sure of the best in house design.

The Beauty of Sentosa Shutters

This amazing range of faux wood shutters offers an extensive selection of colours, which are extruded using a non-toxic material that is perfectly suited to wet areas. Aluminium reinforcement gives added strength and with wide sections, aluminium slats will make the shutters more stable. The slats are elliptical and with a choice if slim, medium or large, you can create the ideal ambience for any room.

Basswood Shutters

If your home is timber focused, we have a superb range of Kimberley shutters that are crafted with mortice and tenon joints, and if 13 standard colours do not fit the bill, we can utilise the Dulux colour chart to create the exact shad you have in mind. Two way blade closure enables a fine level of light control, and with a selection of different timber grains, it is possible to create a unique ambience.

Tailor Made Units

Every home is different, which is why your shutters need to be custom made, and at Boardwalk we pride ourselves in our attention to detail, so if you would like to see a range of possibilities, talk to us and we can suggest a design that will be ideal. If you would like us to send someone to view the property and give you the benefit of our many years of experience in designing and installing the best plantation shutters — simply contact us today.

Plantation shutters are in trend right now, and they do give you a new dimension in light and seclusion control, and with a choice of natural or synthetic materials, you can find the perfect solution for your internal screening needs.

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