Securing your backyard from your neighbor

Ways to Keep Your Neighbours’ Eyes Out of Your Backyard

Sometimes, you just want some privacy in your own backyard. Unfortunately, that can be pretty hard to find. Most backyards don’t have anything in the way of vision-impairing features, meaning you and all your neighbours can stare at one another from your backyards and upper-story windows. With lots getting smaller and houses getting bigger, it seems like every day, you’re losing a bit of privacy.

Fortunately, there are ways to organize your backyard and a few vision-hindering elements you can grow or build, that will give you the kind of privacy you want for your home. This article is about a few of these ideas for keeping your yard to yourself!

Property-line planting

The biggest advantage of this method is that there usually aren’t any local laws about how high you can grow things like trees or hedges in your backyard. Popular options for this kind of growth are evergreens, since they will obscure your yard all year round. Fast-growing trees that can be placed close together like Italian cypress, are also very popular. Another great option are hedges, which offer a much thicker and complete wall of protection. The biggest downside of hedges is that they require regular trimming. The other downside for both options is the amount of time required until your property-line plants are fully functional.

Privacy walls

These are by far the most common – and cheapest – way to give yourself a little privacy in your backyard. Privacy walls come in all kinds of varieties with varying heights, textures, and degrees of noise cancelling effectiveness. They take up less room than most kinds of plants, so they’re ideal for yards where space is tight. Additionally, they can be built to specifically complement the architecture of your house. However, privacy walls can also look a little bland or even imposing. Many landscaping artists will suggest that you break up the wall with greenery or something else to soften the harsh line of a wall.

Boardwalk’s Aero Screen

Our aluminium Aero screens are a cost and time effective way to improve privacy around the home and in the backyard. Unlike trees or hedges, they provide screening from the get-go and unlike a bland wall or privacy fence, they are fantastically stylish. The aluminium can be powder coated in colours to match your home and is long-lasting and extremely durable.

There you have it, tactics to help improve the level of privacy in your backyard!

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