Insulated Window Shutters in Perth

Which Shutters Are Best for Insulation

When it comes to the windows in your home, there’s virtually no other option to choose than glass. This traditional material is as effective as ever and still incredibly affordable. However, glass is also far from perfect. While it’s great for letting sunlight in, it’s actually very bad at keeping heat from escaping. That’s not just an inconvenient feature; it’s one that could end up costing you a lot of money over the years.

The best way to combat this problem in Perth is shutters, but the question then becomes, which are best for insulation?

Western Red Cedar Shutters

The undisputed champion of materials for shutters in Perth is western red cedar. This material actually provides a level of insulation that is four times better than brick. It’s 10 times better than concrete and a full 400 times better at insulating your home than steel.

Honorable Mentions

The following comparison between various materials is based on a study that was done by The University of Newcastle School of Engineering.

This study was conducted by measuring the percentage of difference of a room’s temperature over a 9.5 hour period when it had one of six different furnishings covering the window.

As we already covered, western red cedar won. It produced a 32.1% difference. Basswood came in second with 27.7% and was trailed tightly by aluminum shutters, which were able to produce a 27.5% difference.

Obviously, any of these options would be effective. Aluminium shutters in Perth have become extremely effective as of late for their affordability. While household electricity prices in Australia have gone up 110% in the last five years, this inexpensive material can be used to make shutters that will keep those costs down.

Avoid Blinds and Curtains

The three worst places went to blinds and curtains. Blockout roller blinds only achieved a 22% difference in temperature. Blockout Roman blinds weren’t far behind with 21.8%.

Then there were old-fashioned curtains. They only changed the temperature by 16% over the course of 9.5 hours.

Clearly, shutters in Perth are the way to go. However, this still leaves you plenty of options. Aluminum gates in Perth are always a good look and extremely easy to shut and close.

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