Why Go Aluminium Over Wood for Slat Fencing

Why Go Aluminium over Wood for Slat Fencing

Advantages of Using Aluminium Slat Fencing Over Wood Slat Fencing

Wood is a popular building material for slat fencing. It’s relatively inexpensive and looks handsome and elegant – at least at first. However, the problem with wood slat fencing is that in order to preserve the natural beauty of wood grain, these types of fences require an excessive amount of maintenance and upkeep; they have to be scraped, painted, or sealed regularly – in some cases twice a year! If you don’t tend to your wood fence, it can not only lose its natural lustre but begin to deteriorate right before your eyes.

This is where choosing aluminium over wood for your slat fencing needs can be a better choice for your needs. This sturdy, resilient metal can withstand the elements of the harsh Australian climate with little to no maintenance needed. Aluminium can be galvanised or powder-coated in several different colours, and these finishes add even more protection from damage or decay over time.

However, there’s nothing like that natural, beautiful wood grain look on a slat fence. This has led to wood being a popular choice for fencing even in the face of aluminium’s high resistance to weathering and damage – or at least it has been in the past. Today, there are aluminium slat fencing solutions that have a beautiful wood grain finish.

The secret to creating such a realistic-looking finish on aluminum begins with applying a powder coating of marine grade polyurethane to provide high levels of durability. Next, a heat transfer process is used to impregnate a photographic image of wood grain into the powder-coated aluminium, offering a convincing wood grain look that is highly resistant to temperature extremes and highly corrosive coastal weather. In fact, the only type of maintenance most wood grain aluminium slat fencing needs is to be hosed down occasionally.

Thanks to modern advances in slat fencing technology, you too can have the classic, elegant look of wood grain while also harnessing the legendary durability of aluminium. Even if you don’t go with a wood grain finish on your aluminium slat fencing, you can rest easy that you won’t have to massage expensive oils into your fencing or seal-coat it twice a year– just have your fencing installed by our skilled and qualified personnel and you can enjoy your new aluminium fencing solution.

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