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Why Plantation Shutters are Often a Better Choice than Curtains

When the sun is shining and the skies are clear, it’s nice to let a bit of natural sunlight brighten up our homes. However, when the heat is unbearable and we need some shade, we need a way to block at least some sunlight so that we can relax. When it comes to covering windows, two of the most popular choices are curtains and plantation shutters, but how do you decide which option to spend your money on? For the reasons detailed later in this article, plantation shutters are often the best choice, and there’s no better company to buy such products from than us.

Here at Boardwalk, we’re one of the leading companies for both interior and outdoor shutters in Perth, and our professionals guarantee a high-quality installation. We have a wide variety of products to suit any home’s style, and we can customise our products so that they fit your windows perfectly. To show you why interior shutters are often more beneficial than curtains, we’ve provided a quick comparison of each below.

The Advantages of Shutters over Curtains

Of course, curtains can look stylish in certain homes, but shutters suit any home’s interior design perfectly regardless of your colour scheme or preferences. Here are some more reasons why shutters are often a much better choice than curtains:

  • Shutters provide good insulation Light-coloured curtains may look attractive in your home, but they won’t do a very good job at keeping the sun’s heat outside. However, because shutters are made-to-measure and consequently fit any window perfectly, they’re the better form on insulation.
  • Control how much sunlight enters your home — Though you can part close curtains, you still don’t have full control over how much light enters your home. With plantation shutters, you have much more control over where the light shines and how much enters, allowing you to remain comfortable at all times regardless of the outside weather.
  • Low maintenance — You can keep shutters in top-notch condition by simply giving them a wide and a dust periodically. Curtains, on the other hand, are not so easy to keep clean. You might not even be able to throw curtains in the washing machine, and stains can be hard to eliminate. You might also find that curtains can fade and discolour quickly.
  • Cost-effective You might be able to find curtains for a more affordable price than plantation shutters, however, shutters are much more durable and therefore, more cost-effective. If you want to purchase a product you can depend on lasting for years, you ought to consider purchasing shutters rather than curtains.

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Here at Boardwalk, we can cater to anybody’s needs, whether you want durable shutters for your outdoors or ultra-stylish shutters for the inside of your home. If you have any questions about the materials we use or just want further information, contact us today.

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