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Window Shutters Perth: FAQ

Is aluminium a good material for external window shutters?

External window shutters are constantly exposed to the elements and need to be able to withstand the harsh Western Australia climate. We use aluminium for our window shutters because it is extremely hardy and durable, is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering and won’t warp, burn or rot. Aluminium is also termite-proof! At Boardwalk, we believe in the durability of our products and we offer industry leading warranties; a 15-year workmanship guarantee and a 5-year finish guarantee on all of our products.


What are the different shutter fitting options?

There are three different shutter fitting options available; fixed, bi-fold and sliding shutters. Along with fixed shutters, our bi-fold shutters are made up of two or more panels installed in a concertina effect. This fitting option allows you to completely open up your shutters, providing an unobstructed view. Sliding shutters on the other hand use a double tracking system, to allow a shutter panel to slide past the shutter panel next to it. This means that when you open the shutters, there will always be part of the space covered by a shutter panel.


Can internal shutters be designed for custom-shaped windows?

Many homes come with weird and wonderful features. At Boardwalk, we can custom-design your internal window shutters to fit awkward window spaces beautifully! Have a read about some of our special-shaped shutters here!


How do I clean my window shutters?

For external aluminium shutters, a simple clean with a PH neutral detergent, warm water and a cloth every six months or so will keep your powdercoat finish looking bright and beautiful for many years to come! Aluminium is an extremely low-maintenance product and doesn’t need to be painted and treated at all after installation. Don’t forget to rinse your shutters thoroughly afterwards to remove any remaining soapy residue!

For internal window shutters vacuum the louvre slats one a week to remove any dust. In addition, if your shutters are made from timber, apply a little bit of wood polish to a dusting cloth once a month and go over the louvres and the frame of the shutters to give them a more thorough cleaning. If your shutters are made from extruded PVC, dampen a cleaning cloth in soapy water (a very mild detergent is perfect for this), and clean the louvres and shutter frame once a month. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the soapy residue.


Are window shutters a good investment?

Short answer – yes! The use of timber, aluminum or extruded PVC window shutters in Perth can greatly improve the aesthetic of your home. Window shutters add a sense of classic elegance to your home and provide other benefits such as maximising energy efficiency, enhancing privacy and reducing noise pollution!


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